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Important Update

Our last day of operation is August 17th, 2024. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to accommodate any events after that. Limited availability for parties in August is still open. Book now to secure your spot!

Young girl smiling in pink robe,  joyful and relaxed in a bright, floral-decorated room


"Pampered in Pink" serves as both a party venue and a fun activity spot designed especially for girls. This unique destination caters to various age groups, offering younger girls a chance to live out their pink princess dreams in a vibrant, themed environment. For teenagers, it provides educational experiences focused on makeup application, aiming to boost confidence and self-expression. Additionally, the venue promotes self-love and teaches girls the importance of treating themselves well, making it a nurturing space for girls to enjoy and grow.

  • What is a Princess Pampering Session?
    Our Princess Pampering Session is designed to create a captivating and unforgettable experience where fantasy reigns supreme. While our staff are not licensed professionals, their dedication to delivering a delightful and magical experience is unmatched. Here’s what the session includes: Sparkling Nail Art: Little princesses can pick from a variety of safe, child-friendly nail stickers and playful designs to beautify their nails. Magical Hairstyling: Choose from an array of fairy-tale inspired hairstyles, complete with vibrant hair accessories and even tiaras. Our team excels in crafting fun, storybook hairstyles that transport each girl to a magical realm. Enchanted Makeovers: Using safe, non-toxic makeup, our staff adds a dash of enchantment with glitter, face gems, and fairy dust, transforming each girl into a dazzling princess. Princess Crafts and Activities: Dive into a world of creativity with princess-themed crafts and activities. Design royal crowns, decorate magical wands, or make unique princess crafts to keep as cherished mementos.
  • How do i book the princess pampering session?
    Please follow this link: Princess Pampering Session - Pampered In Pink (
  • What's included in a pampered in pink birthday party?
    The birthday package "Pampered in Pink" offers a 90-minute exclusive party for up to 10 young ladies. During the party, the girls will have a chance to pick out & apply nail decor in our cheetah themed room, then headed to our main glam area for hair flair and face gems! While waiting for their turn for personalized glam, guests can work on the provided craft or spend time in our " play in pink" activity room. Once every princess is sparkling, they will have the opportunity to sing, back up dance, and cheer on their friends during Karaoke on the big stage! For the final 30 minutes of the party, we will transit to a dedicated party room for the group to enjoy any sweets or snacks they brought, open gifts, and sip on our signature pampered in pink lemonade. Our venue is over decorated on purpose to make party planning a breeze! Just show up and we take care of the rest! If desired to enhance with additional themes though, please reach out and we are happy to share some additional ideas along with a quote to implement. *All the services are for entertainment only.
  • Can I have more than 10 girls in a birthday party?
    Certainly, it is possible to have more than 10 girls at your party. However, there are a few requirements to keep in mind. Firstly, you will need to notify us at least 1 week before the party so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Secondly, there will be an additional cost of $60 for an extra 30 minutes, as well as $25 per extra guest. If you are willing to comply with these conditions, we will be happy to accommodate your request for a larger party.
  • How do i book the party ?
    Pampered In Pink Birthday Party - Pampered In Pink (
  • Do you have any special events coming up?
    Upcoming Events | Pampered In Pink (

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